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Carbon Foot Print Accounting & Verification

Carbon Foot Print Accounting & Verification

The Verification Body for Greenhouse Gases of AmbiRisk provides verification and validation services since the beginning of the European Union Emission Trading System in 2005. With a market share of over 15% of all verified stationary plants in almost every industry, AmbiRisk is the largest Verification Body in Germany. We are accredited according to ISO 14065 for the verification and validation of quantification, monitoring and reporting of Greenhouse Gases, which includes Corporate Carbon Footprints and Emission Reduction projects. The verification process follows the ISO 14064-3 and is subject to high requirements, which ensures a professional and reliable revision of your GHG reporting. 

You benefit from the following advantages with AmbiRisk

  • Increased ecologic integrity of your Carbon Footprint by complying with recognized standards.
  • Improved credibility, consistency und transparency of the quantification, monitoring and reporting of your GHG.
  • Creating a reliable basis for developing and improving monitoring systems for tracking GHG-emissions.
  • Enabling the development and implementation of emission reduction and decarbonization strategies.
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